In the name of god Interview of Dr. Hashemi Salehi with Khanevade sabz journal Date: 31 May 2011

 Interview with Dr. hashemi salehi as management of Jey manufacturing and commercial company Mention:

 Jey manufacturing and commercial in 1970 by Dr. hashemi salehi was founded. His purpose in that time was increasing the level of people,s hygiene (in according to low level of hygienic and non-scientific and traditional treatment of skin cracks) finally this purpose after a scientific and Laboratory researching changed to an idea and at the end produced a good products with high qualification by use of up to date knowledge in that time as Jey anti crack cream and offered in market. Dr. Hashemi Salehi please introduce your self I am Mir Mehdi Hashemi Salehi offspring of decedent Dr. Hashemi Salehi was born in 1978 in Tehran. I was Graduated in Organic Chemistry. From when I was child I was present with my father in company, factory and have benefited from all his experiences and solutions. from 2001 I have worked as a management of Jey manufacturing and commercial. What is the main strategy of company in past and now?

As said the main strategy of company was founded as a base of qualification and Satisfaction of costumers. According to this was tried always to procurement the best material and offer with good price and packaging. This procedure in the past was accepted as a main principle and in the present management is one of main principle else. What was changed in process in present management? Demand of market and request of faithful costumers of Jey forced us to consider new strategy. Also according to present limitation production in Tehran after transfer of faculty to Hashtgerd industry city and extension of product lines decided to change in procedure of company. Up to dating of packaging of production, focus on product on base of herbal, product sun screen cream and baby cream all are results of these changes. What is the newest program of company? R&D of company after survey of market in these years was understood some expectations of costumers. These demands changed to innovation and caused to produce a deep cracks cream that treat and prevent demands of costumers that have a deep cracks in hand and foot. Which program do you consider for the feature of Jey? Department of programing consider a long view for feature of Jey. Keep present and faithful costumer and increasing the new generation costumer according to sever changing of demands of costumers.