Awards related to good management with donor organizations: :

  • Get the eleventh festival figurines donor school building in Tehran- April 2009
  • Appreciation in recognition of boom in consumer satisfaction- February 2011
  • Appreciation in recognition of presence in specialized exhibition in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq -January 2011
  • Participation in Conferences of  protect of  consumer right and get the statuette-2011
  • Get statue for exemplary and benefactor manager
  • Participation in National conference on chemical Industries and get statue- January 2012
  • Participation in Congress of the rights of consumers and get statue – February 2014
  • Get the youngest director entrepreneur statue cosmetic industry- February 2014
  • Participation in the ninth national conference on quality and productivity and get statue – February 2015
  • Received excellent show quality and efficiency- February 2015
  • Received a certificate of compliance with consumer rights