Jey Company History

Jey Company History

Jey trading company (Pvt) was started to work in 1974 in the field of hygienic -cosmetic products in order to improve the hygiene levels of the society by "Mir Mohsen Hashemi Salehi" with the brand "Nuterjey" in Tehran . The factory was moved from Tehran to the industrial estate Hashtgerd due to exit industries from large cities in 2007 . the company central building was built in the previous place at "Jomhuri " street.


In those years before the revoloution in Iran , one of the major problems was low level of hygiene in society. Dr. Mir Mohsen Hashemi Salehi
who graduated in France ,established trading " Nuterjey " in order to improve the hygiene and health levels. In this regard he produced a lot of stuffs such as : " Merfen Disinfectant,milk powder and various creams. Cracked feet was a serious problem as a result of low hygiene and lack of proper floor covers. " Nuterjey " did a lot of researches and finally a cream for cracked feet was offered.
This product became popular quickly because of high quality. It was presented as the first cream for cracked feet in the hygienic- cosmetic field.


Viruses , bacterias ,microbes, …..have a lot of harmful effects on the humans and environment. In previous years, a large number of deaths caused by these destructive stuffs."Merfen" was produced in order to solve this problem by Nuterjey


Dental diseases has been one of the serious problems in the area of Hygiene and health since past . " Nuterjey " is one of those leading domestic companies by production of anti-plaque and antiseptic toothpaste


Existence lots of dust and skin contamination and problems such as ringworm, fungus, calvities and epilogue determine the importance of proper shampoo for head skin. For this reason Notrjey that know it,s goal to elimination of hygienic problems especially in field of skin produced Jey shampoo and offered for public usage.

Baby powder

Keeping smooth and fresh skin in newborns and children are an important role in their skin health protection. In addition for protection from foot burn in newborns and heat rash of children body can use baby powder. Notrjey has been one of baby powder producer that has produced this product with accurate qualification.

Cleansing Milk

For eliminating of face pollutant and cleaning of makeup material else Notrjey prepared cleansing milk with special formulation. cleansing milk that produced was good cleaner that prevention from stretch and dryness skin and didn,t separate much lipid from surface of skin.

Notrjey cracked skin repairing creamskin repairing cream

Lack of existence of proper hygienic and use unsuitable shoes and floor cause crack in some parts of skin because of dryness that in some cases leading to Eczema. For eliminate this problem cracked repairing skin cream deface all the cracked from surface of skin. In addition causes more moisture in skin and prevents from dryness and calluses.

New cleansing milk

New cleansing milk with observance of hygienic principles produced from the best materials and beside of cleaning and smoothing of skin give specials softening and elegance to skin. For use of that we should smeary face and neck by cleansing milk and then cleaning them by cotton.

Notrjey face skin booster

This skin booster cream keep soft, freshness and succulent in face and hands skin. In addition usage of this kind of cream prevent skin from wrinkle and considered for lots of people.

Notrjey bowl shaped cream for hands and face

An other old products of Jey company was bowl shaped cream for hands and face that offered in two different smells and considered a lot from people in that period of time.